Ryan Gosling calls Evan Rachel Wood "hard drive" because of her movie knowledge.

The pair star in George Clooney's political movie 'Ides of March' - which is highly tipped for Oscars success next year - and while on set they took to play quote games, of which she knew every one.

She said: "Ryan is such a great actor but he's also just a really cool guy and interesting and creative. He calls me hard drive because he'd always try to stump me on movie quotes and I'd always know exactly what movie it was."

Evan - who plays the role of an intern in the movie - also enjoyed working with director and co-star George because he got shooting done "so quickly".

She added to the Detroit News: "George was amazing because he's an actor so he knows how to work with you and talk with you. He knows what he wants so things get done quickly and really well."

'Ides of March' opened in the US this weekend past, but was beaten to the top of the box office by Shawn Levy's 'Real Steel'.