Ryan Gosling will be making his directorial debut for apparent "modern fairy tale" How To Catch a Monster. This is bad news for all the ladies in the house of course, given that Gosling is most definitely one of the hottest men out there, why would he step behind the camera!? It's interesting news for everyone else though, with his first star to direct being pretty high profile - Drive and Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks.
According to Collider, Ryan said: "I am very appreciative to Marc Platt, Adam Siegel and Bold Films for being so supportive and I look forward to making this film with all of them." Platt however sounded just as exciting. He worked with Gosling on Drive, and is clearly keen to see what his one-time charge can do, saying "We are thrilled to be producing Ryan Gosling's debut as a writer and director and continue our collaboration which began on Drive. He has composed a beautifully haunting script and has a very clear vision of how he will bring it to life. His ability to draw audiences into his world as an actor will serve him well as a filmmaker."
It was excitement all around: "Ryan Gosling has established himself as a dynamic talent onscreen with incredible instincts, and that ability to connect with audiences will serve him well in the director's chair." said Sierra's Nick Meyer, who will be handling the international sales of the film. "We are excited to be involved with the next phase of his career and look forward to bringing his directorial debut to the international marketplace."