A Los Angeles judge has denied new dad Ryan Gosling's request to extend a restraining order against an obsessed female fan because his lawyers cannot locate the woman to serve her.

The Notebook actor obtained a temporary protective order against New York resident Grace Marie Del Villar in November (14), shortly after she showed up at the front gate of his Los Angeles home, claiming she was his twin, and left a bizarre doll catalogue at the door.

Prior to her unexpected visit, the overzealous fan had reportedly bombarded Gosling with emails and packages, including one which included a torn-out page from a magazine, featuring an image his girlfriend Eva Mendes, stapled with a note containing Del Villar's contact information.

His legal representatives returned to a Los Angeles court on Tuesday (20Jan15) in their bid to obtain a permanent restraining order against Del Villar, but they confessed they had been unable to track her down, prompting the judge to dismiss their request as the defendant has to be personally served with papers to validate the ban, reports Tmz.com.

The previous restraining order stipulated that Del Villar must stay away from Gosling, Mendes, their baby daughter Esmeralda and the actor's sister Mandi.