Ryan Gosling cried watching a baby being baptised.

The 32-year-old actor plays a tattooed bad boy in his new film 'The Place Beyond The Pines', who turns to crime in a bid to provide for his young child, and revealed the emotions he shows on screen were all real because he grew so attached to the tiny tot playing his son.

Discussing one of his emotional scenes, he laughed: ''I didn't know that was going to happen. I was just sitting in the church watching a baby be baptised, and I don't know why I was emotional, but I was.

''First of all, that's due to the face that the kid who plays my son is an infant - his name is Tony Pizza. It's hard not to like a guy named Tony Pizza. We really hit it off.''

The soft-hearted hunk got seriously inked-up with fake tattoos for his new role, but is already a pro at going under the needle and claims his feelings for his body art evolve over time.

Ryan told Nuts magazine: ''There are always stories behind them, but they are constantly evolving. You regret why you got them, so you change the meaning.''