Ryan Gosling gets physical in the trailer for 'Only God Forgives'.

The heartthrob actor stars as ex-boxer-turned-gangster Julien in Nicolas Winding Refn's new Thailand-set crime thriller, which follows him on mission to take on a Bangkok police officer as revenge for his brother's murder in the city.

Ryan is seen walking through the streets in the shadows as we hear a voiceover from his mother Jenna, played by Kristin Scott Thomas, telling him how she refused to abort him while she was pregnant.

She says: ''When I was pregnant with you, you were strange, you were different. They wanted me to terminate. I wouldn't.

''I don't understand you, and I never will.''

While Ryan only has one line in the clip, his words send a shiver down viewers spines as he comes face to face with a group of men, rolling up his sleeves as he gets ready for a serious bust-up.

He mutters, ''You wanna fight?'', before violently attacking a man and dragging him down a dimly lit hallway in a building.

'Only God Forgives' - which is the star's second film with director Nicolas following 2011's 'Drive' - is rumoured to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in France later this year and has been scheduled for general release in May.