Ryan Gosling likes to ''hide'' behind his characters.

The 34-year-old hunk has revealed he is actually rather ''shy'' and still enjoys being able to ''secretly'' find out new things about himself through his film roles.

He admitted: ''I wasn't very good at singing and dancing, which really frustrated me for a while. That's why I tried some serious acting, which luckily worked out pretty well. Alongside that, it was good for my confidence. I was able to hide behind characters and still, secretly, reveal things about myself. I still enjoy that aspect today.''

The 'Notebook' actor - who is married to '2 Fast 2 Furious' actress, Eva Mendes - also said he doesn't care about ''Hollywood'' and criticised it for being ''shallow'' and ''fake''.

He told Germany's Maxim magazine: ''I'm shy. And I like flying under the radar. I've never been interested in all this Hollywood glamour. It's far too shallow and fake. I'd much rather spend time with my family or friends. Or by myself. I think it's very important to take some time for yourself. I play guitar, watch old Hollywood movies and just have a bit of a daydream.''