The Notebook actor premiered Lost River, his first movie as a director, at the Cannes International Film Festival in France last year (14) but it was panned by critics, with one branding the movie "mouth-dryingly lousy".

Gosling remained tight-lipped over the poor reviews, but now he has revealed he refuses to let negative remarks about his work get him down.

He tells Britain's The Sunday Times Culture magazine, "I mean, that's their opinion. I read those reviews and gave them two thumbs down... there's a price to pay. Sometimes it'll work, sometimes it won't, but high school preps (prepares) you for this. It's not really that different. If you're trying to do your own thing in high school, you're going to pay for it and you're going to hear about it. It tees you up for the rest of your life. It doesn't really ever change."

Lost River, which stars Christina Hendricks as a single mother drawn into the dark underworld of a mysterious U.S. town, is due to hit cinemas this month (Apr15).