Ryan Gosling dropped in on the set of the 'Today Show' on Wednesday (20th July 2011) to promote his new romantic comedy 'Crazy, Sexy, Love'. Gosling attempted to live up to hype after co-anchor Anne Curry had labelled him a "gorgeous hunk of man candy", reports the Huffington Post.
In the new flick, Gosling and Emma Stone recreate the dance made famous by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in 'Dirty Dancing'. The actor attempted to demonstrate the move with 'Today' host Al Roker, but failed to lift him on two occasions. "You really got to push up!" Gosling yelled before finally hoisting Roker above his shoulders. "Nobody puts Ryan in the corner!", joked Al after making it back down to the ground. The anchor later tweeted, "Just was literally swept off my feet by Ryan Gosling, showing off the Dirty Dancing jump in his new movie, Crazy Stupid Love". Ryan was joined by Emma Stone, Marisa Tomei and Steve Carell for the New York premiere of the movie in New York on Tuesday (19th July 2011).
Gosling recently completed work on drama 'The Ides of March', the directed by actor George Clooney. The movie follows the story of a young staffer for a new president who gets a crash court in "dirty politics".