It seems as though Fifty Shades of Grey’s influence knows no bounds. The phrase “Mummy-porn” – often used to describe the erotic novel by E.L James – has been included in the latest version of Collins’ online dictionary. The publisher invited people to suggest new words for inclusion, hoping to make the usually closed process more democratic.
According to BBC News, 86 words were chosen for inclusion this time around, including “mummy porn”, coined after ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ shot to fame earlier this year. The book explores themes of a sexual nature, and has therefore garnered a reputation for being popular with women. Mummy porn’s entry into the dictionary’s print edition will now be considered, with Alex Brown, head of digital at Collins saying, “We were optimistic about just how keen people would be to take part, but have been blown away by the volume and variety of submissions, and the way that this opportunity to contribute and help document the English language has captured the public imagination.” Criteria for inclusion into the print edition focuses on the frequency of use, number of sources and staying power. With ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ now the biggest selling paperback novel of all time – and with a Hollywood movie in the pipeline – it’s unlikely that “mummy porn” will disappear anytime soon.
Last week, E.L James’ husband revealed that actor Ryan Gosling was the preferred choice to take the lead of the controlling Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of the novel.