Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling was drawn to take on his role in the new movie The Notebook because he wanted to have female co-stars for a change.

The 23-year-old heart-throb, ex-boyfriend of Sandra Bullock, admits he's had his fair share of male co-stars over the years, and thought it would be nice to act alongside Rachel McAdams, Gena Rowlands and Joan Allen instead.

He says, "I really feel very fortunate to have done the kind of movies I've been working in. But one thing: I'm always in scenes with guys, and it gets old.

"It's a guy energy that I understand, and even if the other actor is really good, you kind of know what's going to happen in the scene. So it was important for me to work with actresses and you get something out of that and you learn something.

"Look, this movie is sentimental, and some people like that and some people won't. But whether you like the genre or not, this is a movie where three actresses really get to go off."

29/06/2004 21:07