Director Derek Cianfrance ate through his shirt while trying to contain his anxiety as Ryan Gosling completed motorcycle stunts in new movie The Place Beyond The Pines.

The Notebook hunk stars as a hire-wire motorcycle performer called Luke in the upcoming crime drama and he trained for the role for several weeks with longtime stuntman Rick Miller.

But despite Gosling's extensive preparation, Cianfrance feared for the 32-year-old's safety and began nibbling on his top during takes to calm his nerves.

The filmmaker says, "Ryan Gosling had to learn how to ride a motorcycle. The most complicated scene was where Luke goes into a bank, robs it, leaves the bank, escapes on his motorcycle, and drives at tremendously fast speeds through a busy intersection amidst lots of other cars while being pursued by a cop. All of this happens in a single take... so Ryan had to become very proficient on the bike.

"He trained with Rick Miller, one of the great Hollywood stunt men, six hours a day for two months. His prowess took our breath away. In order to get that scene completed, Ryan did 22 takes. Every time, he almost got it... but I will never forget the feeling in my stomach... I bite my shirt when I get nervous and by the end of the day, I had just eaten my shirt because I thought he was gonna crash every time."