A home video of Ryan Gosling showing off his show-business talents at the tender age of 10 years old has gone viral online. The clip was picked up by the Today show in the United States and show Gosling, in a fetching pair of MC Hammer-style trousers crooning his way through 'Hey There Lonely Girl' and pulling some interesting dance moves.
This, of course, was pre-Mickey Mouse Club days for the young wannabe actor but even at such a young age, he was showing signs of the showbiz talent that's made him adored around the world. The footage was shot in 1991 and by the looks of some of his raunchy stage moves, it looks as though Justin Bieber may well have gotten hold of the tape before it went public online. Two years later, Ryan became a member of the Mickey Mouse Club - the TV Disney troupe that launched the careers of Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Somewhere along the way, he's lost that innocent edge; one of his most recent roles was in the acclaimed movie Drive, in which he plays the role of a mechanic and stunt driver who winds up getting involved in a gruesome murder campaign. It's a far cry from the talent show display in the video.
Gosling will shortly be starring in 'Only God Forgives', alongside Kristin Scott Thomas. The movie tells the tale of a Bangkok police lieutenant settling his differences with a gangster, via a Thai boxing match.