Ryan Dunn, the American daredevil and reality star who was killed in a car accident on Monday, is "in hell" according to the radical Westboro Baptist Church. The Kansas-based organisation claim Ryan Dunn's fatal car crash in Pennsylvania was the result of his behaviour on 'Jackass', reports the New York Daily News.
The church, known for its stance against homosexuality and its protests at military funerals, sent out a press release deeming Dunn a "drab pervert" and accusing him of promoting "porn-level filth. to get rich off a perverse generation". The statement continued, "In his wrath, God cut off this young man in the prime of his life, because he made a mock of sin, and taught his fellow man to grievously sin against God!". The 34-year-old was allegedly driving his Porsche 911 at a speed of 130mph when he crashed into woodland in West Goshen on Monday morning. His blood alcohol content was at .196, more than twice the legal limit in Pennsylvania. The reality's star passenger, Zach Hartwell, was also killed in the accident after the vehicle burst into flames. Although Westboro church threatened they would "picket any public memorial" to the late-reality star, a private ceremony was held at a Funeral Home in West Chester on Wednesday (23rd June 2011) without issue.
Ryan Dunn appeared in all five Jackass movies and memorably drove a golf cart over a sand-trap and into a statue of a giant pig in the original film. After crashing the cart, his passenger Johnny Knoxville was briefly unconscious.