US rocker Ryan Adams refuses to be confined to a setlist, even though the "confusion" of playing from the heart often leads to onstage disputes.

The singer/songwriter admits he still suffers from stage fright, but refuses to calm his nerves by structuring his performances in advance.

He says, "Yeah, I'm trying to work on it. It's hard. It's a blessing and it's a curse. What I do isn't a performance. I'm terrified to play for people, I really am.

"A half-hour before I go onstage things get a little shaky, hands start shaking and I start pacing. I don't know if I'm the kind of person who could belong to a tour where there is a setlist every night and the lights would go down at a certain point to end the tune.

"I know that's how larger acts do it, but I love the free association of where my heart is at right in the moment.

"That can create confusion and strange reactions from the audience, but I do stay vulnerable and open and I think that's good. It creates static, but sometimes that static is what is interesting."