Rocker Ryan Adams has downplayed the extent of his past drug issues, insisting he "never lost his way" during his years of partying.
The musician regularly used cocaine and heroin until he went cold turkey and completely quit narcotics in 2007.
After getting clean, Adams revealed the extent of his drug problems, and insisted it was "a miracle" he did not die.
But the star has now is adamant he never lost control while indulging in the deadly combination, and he didn't miss the high once he decided to stop.
He tells Britain's The Sun, "I never lost my way with drugs. I wasn't hungry for them. The mistakes were very isolated in my life. When I was experimenting with drugs, I was never drooling in a chair in my house while no one was there. It was all part of the story of my life. And when they went, it was really without tears. It was, 'This was fun but it's best to stop before it's sad.' And I didn't die. The only times I felt close to death were real accidental times.
"I didn't do intravenous drugs or share with people so I was never going to catch a disease and I was very picky about what I took. But there were times when I was worn out or didn't know what I was getting so it was weird."