The 42-year-old singer is releasing his latest record Prisoner on Friday (17Feb17) - his sixteenth studio album. It's not just his professional offerings that have put him in the headlines though; Ryan is also famous for his former marriage to This Is Us actress Mandy Moore and his battle with Meniere's Disease, and he is considering penning a tome which would detail both the highs and lows of his life so far.

“I have thought about it and there are so many different moments that are funny that have happened with ‘historical people’ of the rock world,” he said to Australia's Courier Mail.

"It crosses my mind - I think if I did one it would be song by song and describe where I was and how I wrote them and let that sort of twist me into a book."

However, there's one thing stopping Ryan from putting pen to paper.

"I don’t know if anyone would read it?" he mused.

Prior to Prisoner, Ryan made the controversial decision to cover Taylor Swift's entire 1989 album in his own, unique, style. The resulting record divided fans but one person who was thrilled was Taylor herself.

"Taylor was stoked about it, which I figured she would be because she’s cool and always been awesome to me,” he smiled. "But there were the people who took it so seriously and journalists that you could tell were hellbent on over-analysing it.

"Some people over-calculated it and by the time they did that - my studio was back to making what is always does - it smelled like weed and we were playing punk rock."