Singer/songwriter Ryan Adams almost quit music for good after he was diagnosed with a hearing disorder.
The rocker announced a hiatus from music after he was diagnosed with ear-ringing disease Meniere's just over two years ago, and fans were shocked when he simply disappeared from the scene.
Now Adams, who is married to singer/actress Mandy Moore, is opening up about his battle for the first time, admitting the symptoms were debilitating at first.
He tells the New York Times, "I took a year with just figuring out how extensive the symptoms were and what was really happening in my body."
The 36 year old then spent months getting to grips with the problem and seeking out ways to turn down the constant ringing in his ears.
He adds, "I basically started working with an acupuncturist, who also does Chinese herbs and magnets and stuff. Then I saw a nutritionist who did extensive blood labs, and we were able to isolate huge vitamin deficiencies. I also had to literally be the kind of person who takes a supplement. I have to sleep a certain amount. I have to watch my stress. I don't drink coffee. I also started to see a hypnotherapist."
But the singer-songwriter reveals that during his health hiatus, he almost gave up music altogether thanks to remarks from mean critics.
He explains, "It wasn't because it was so hard to do what I was doing. It was because I'm doing this in a world where there are people I should not be listening to who are saying things like, 'I wish you would stop making records.'
"There is a lot of hate out there for the dumbest reasons, and that's really hard to deal with because I make records. I don't make Styrofoam. I'm not like a commodities broker who's like ripping people off on the side."