Rocker Ryan Adams regrets agreeing to appear in a TV advertisement for clothing chain Gap alongside country legend Willie Nelson in 2002 - because fans have been criticising him for it ever since. The New York, New York singer can't understand why he continues to be judged for his appearance, when other stars who appeared in the series - including Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon and rapper LL Cool J - never hear anything about it. Adams, who was in the midst of drug addiction in 2002, says, "I don't know when you quit paying dues, but a guy like me does a Gap ad, and I spend six years trying to explain myself. "Did anybody give Willie Nelson any s**t for that? Or LL Cool J or Kim Gordon? F**k, why am I being soloed out? "I didn't even look up in the f**king thing. I didn't even know I was doing one, to be honest. They just said, 'Come down and jam with Willie.' I wasn't that present then, anyway. "It wasn't like I bought a yacht, it pays the same s**t for everybody that does it."