American music heroes Ryan Adams and Evan Dando are joining forces to form a rock supergroup.

The pair are hooking up with former Smashing Pumpkins duo MELISSA AUF DER MAUR, on bass, and guitarist JAMES IHA to form the charmingly titled THE F***ING VIRGINS.

Ryan hopes the New York-based musicians can meet up around Christmas to record their debut album.

He says, "We're waiting for the first open space we have. We all still live in New York so it will probably happen around Christmas when we're all home.

"We want to be like a really funky Velvet Underground. Every song will have its own identity because everyone will sing.

"Melissa and I already have a couple of songs. We want to go in and make record in two weeks in the studio.

"Everyone keeps calling us The Virgins, by the way, but we're actually called The F***ing Virgins. That's the joke. Maybe people can't print that, or they think I like to curse, but for the record it's The F***ing Virgins."

21/11/2003 19:11