Ruth Wilson turned down a role in a Marvel film.

The 36-year-old 'Dark River' actress revealed she was once interviewed to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but after questioning the film directors about the prospective part, she turned down the opportunity because she got the impression it was going to be a ''boring role''.

However, Wilson would be keen to join the MCU as she is ''up for being a baddie''.

Speaking to Time Out London magazine, Wilson said: ''I did have an interview for a Marvel thing ages ago. They wouldn't say what the part was, so I made a questionnaire for the two directors. 'Is she a baddie?' They said she was a bit of both. 'Does she wear leather or latex?' They said no. I was like, 'EER-EEER!'

''I said, 'How many days filming is it?' They said 14. I said, '14? That's not very long ... EER-EEER!' So I said no. If you want to be in a Marvel movie, you've got to be a baddie or a superhero. Just being the girl on the side is boring. I'd be up for being a baddie.''

Wilson starred in the 2013 Disney box office disappointment 'Lone Ranger' alongside Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, and since that project she hasn't starred in a blockbuster since.

She said: '''Lone Ranger' was a phenomenal experience. I was doing a $250 million western! It was insane. I had to pinch myself.

''And I got a Lego figure! I was well happy with that. There have been opportunities to do another, but the parts haven't been right.

''They take too long to do too little.''

Wilson has also opened up on her belief that Hollywood needs to get ''more women writing and directing'' and she is confident that the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements will make this happen.

She said: ''Hollywood is funny: it's a business and they've been selling the same thing for a long time. You have to get more women writing and directing so the stories get out there, and you have to have men supporting that. #MeToo and #TimesUp are making everyone reassess how they view the world, and how the patriarchy has dominated and infiltrated everyone's worldview.

''Whatever is happening, it's moving us forward and that's exciting.''