Ruth Wilson relied on ''beer and cigarettes'' to relax after filming 'Dark River',

The 36-year-old actress plays famer Alice, who was abused by her late father (Sean Bean) in the upcoming movie and she admitted the cast and crew enjoyed some big nights out to decompress after a heavy day's filming.

Asked how they decompressed, she said: ''Beer and cigarettes. There was quite a lot of alcohol on Friday nights thanks to Tracy (O'Riordan, producer), who would provide us all with drinks.''

The movie was shot in rural Yorkshire and Ruth and her castmates, including Mark Stanley, who played her on-screen brother Joe, suffered many a sleepless night, even though it was so ''exhausting'' to make.

She said ''It was intense, but it was only five weeks, it wasn't four months long.

''But it was intense and full on and every day was exhausting.

''We also had a church bell that would go off in Skipton and would keep us awake all night, so there was insomnia in the crew - but look, Mark is a barrel of laughs in real life and we'd all go to the pub and let go of it at the end of the night.''

For Ruth, some of the hardest films to shoot were those that showed the silence between Alice and Mark.

She told Britain's OK! magazine: ''I found it really stifling not being able to speak.

''I just wanted to react, but Alice has contained everything her whole life and that created a real claustrophobia in the character and in me, actually, which reflects on the screen.''