Ruth Negga is ''intimidated'' by wardrobes.

The 35-year-old actress has admitted she feels ''overwhelmed'' when she sees a large amount of clothes arranged in a closet, and she much prefers to live out of one single suitcase instead because there is a limited amount of outfits she can choose from.

Speaking to Net-A-Porter's The Edit magazine about her fashion fears, the brunette beauty said: ''I get intimidated by wardrobes. I'm really good now at operating out of one suitcase, and I get overwhelmed by having anything more than that.''

But the 'Loving' star relies heavily on her stylist Karla Welch who selects the ensembles for her to wear to suit her body shape, give her ''confidence'' and to hide any problem areas.

Speaking about her go-to fashion guru, Ruth said: ''She's a huge feminist, and that was important. I don't have time to go to the gym, and she dresses my body in a way that's going to give me confidence.''

Ruth has admitted her signature style is a top or dress with a sleeve and a high neck, and she is very stubborn when it comes to wearing clothes because she doesn't want to be forced to wear something she won't feel comfortable in.

She said: ''I like a sleeve, I like a high neck, that's my style. And I am gently stubborn about being shoehorned into something that I am not.''

Ruth has recently finished filming 'Preacher' with her long-term boyfriend Dominic Cooper, but she has no plans for the ''next few months'' after the project, which she has hinted she is looking forward to.

She explained: ''I'm not interested in working for the next few months. I think people get worried about a wave they have to ride. But what if you crash out and you can't ride any more waves?''