Russell Tovey and Sir Ian McKellen bonded in a nightclub called Pornsexual whilst making their new movie.

The 37-year-old actor had a great time making 'The Good Liar' with the 'Lord of the Rings' star, Dame Helen Mirren and Jim Carver and particularly enjoyed ''gossiping'' with his new friend, as well as visiting some racy night spots.

In an interview with Heat magazine, he said: ''Dame Heaven we call her. It was such a great gig. Jim Carter is also in it and he was hilarious. It a con-man rom-com heist movie - it was so much fun.

''And me and Ian just gossiped and gossiped ... We did end up in a Berlin nightclub called Pornsexual. I wore a harness and he was in silver jeggings ... And that's all I can say about that.''

Russell and Ian invited Helen to join them at the club, but she declined.

Asked why she didn't go, Russell said: ''Oh she was invited. I think she decided to have a lovely bath instead...''

But the 'Quantico' actor thinks his mother would have had a great time if she'd accompanied them to the club as she previously really enjoyed their trip to ''the Pervert Fair''.

He laughed: ''My mum would have loved it. I took her to the Folsom Street Fair in san Francisco, which is all about S&M and stuff and she referred to it as 'The Pervert Fair'. You walk down the street there and people are being whipped and there are guys on leads and stuff. In the end, I had to drag my mum away because she was having such a good time.

''She met some bloke who injected silicon into his testicles and she was fascinated by him and he was happily answering all her questions and calling her, 'Ma'am' while showing off his enormous testicles. So I took loads of pictures of my mum with these guys and put them on Facebook but they got taken down.''