Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons jumped at the chance to get involved with director David Lynch's charity drive to promote meditation in schools - because he has seen the difference the spiritual practice has had on his young daughters' lives.
The Def Jam Records co-founder is an avid meditator and has taught his kids Ming, nine, and Aoki, six, the importance of the mental discipline.
And Simmons claims the method of relaxation has helped his girls focus better on their education.
Speaking at a press conference on Friday (03Apr09) to promote a concert in aid of The David Lynch Foundation, he says, "I'm a meditator. I operate most days from my meditation. It gives me the strength to function when the outside world is full of stress. It's much easier.
"My children are meditators. It's changed their life. And I want to give this gift that has helped my kids to all kids...
"Schools are almost like prison when you don't get kids to focus on what's inside... To promote quiet time in schools where some of the worst schools become the best. These million kids that we will teach to meditate, I'm very happy to be supporting it."
Former Beatles Sir Paul MCCartney and Ringo Starr are both slated to perform at the concert on Saturday (04Apr09), which will be held at Manhattan's Radio City Music Hall.