Rap mogul Russell Simmons' protege JINX DA JUVY is recovering at his New York home after he was shot in the head.
The 22-year-old rapper, real name Derek Carr, was involved in a violent altercation in Brownsville, Brooklyn on 22 August (08), and was taken to hospital with a cracked skull.
Jinx was recently discharged from hospital and his manager Phil Gates has confirmed he is now on the road to recovery.
Explaining the fracas, Gates tells website AllHipHop.com, "He was out there late at night going to his spot (house) to get clothes. "Something popped off and he was on the block and next you know s**t jumps off. Brownsville is serious right now."
He adds, "(Jinx)'s not 100 per cent together yet, so I have to be careful not to move him too fast on his recovery."
And Gates insists Jinx - who has been shot twice before - has now vowed to turn his life around and leave behind his street connections, because he doesn't want to jeopardise his health or his fledgling career.
Gates adds: "He's at the point now where he realises he can't play both sides of the fence.
"He's not going to put himself in this position again. He sees what he has to lose, his brother was bugging out and upset, not to mention that businesses (sic) that we have already lined up."