Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons took on a mediatory role as fast food giants KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN (KFC) tried to make peace with animal rights activists PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS (PETA).

PETA screened a shocking video outside KFC branches all over America last December (05), exposing KFC's unethical practices and brazen cruelty - leaving KFC bosses in a state of panic.

Desperate to retain customers, bosses of the popular chain suddenly agreed to meet PETA, which boasts Simmons as an ardent patron.

A source tells THE SCOOP, "Russell reiterated PETA's goal - that KFC merely follow the advice of their own humane advisory board and phase out cruelties such as forced rapid growth, which causes crippling leg deformities

"KFC countered that their humane board had almost no changes to suggest."

PETA vow to relaunch their damning website KENTUCKYFRIEDCRUELTY.COM, start screening the video again and, in a final sting, run an advertising campaign starring Simmons.

15/04/2005 17:33