LATEST: Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons has joined the Beastie Boys and Pamela Anderson to slam KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN (KFC) over their treatment of chickens.

The Def Jam RECORDS chairman, a committed Vegan, has threatened to boycott the fast food chain unless they overhaul their slaughter methods.

Simmons has filmed a commercial "showing some of the very worst abuses chickens undergo" after unsuccessful talks with KFC's parent company YUM! BRANDS.

Simmons plans to release the ad and start a boycott unless KFC responds to his call for change.

He says, "When a company targets our community, disrespects us as consumers and sells us products ridden with negative energy and laced with toxins, that is our business."

Yum! Brands vice president JONATHAN BLUM disputes Simmons' claims, saying, "We have an independent panel of outside experts who set our high standards. They are the same standards that all our competitors use to insure human treatment around the country."

14/02/2005 17:43