Rap mogul Russell Simmons arrived in South Africa yesterday (27NOV06) to study the diamond trade and how it can improve the lives of black Africans. The 49-year-old is also visiting neighbouring Botswana to learn how the lucrative industry in the two countries can help locals cope with HIV, poverty and little education. Speaking to website AllHipHop.com, Simmons says, "I am here because the most important and powerful Muslim preacher and the most important and powerful Jewish Rabbi I have met in my lifetime - The Honorable Minister LOUIS FARRAKHAN and Rabbi MARC SCHNIER - both, individually, told me to come here. "I am sending this out because I sincerely believe that the more people I can mobilise to support this mission, the greater chance we'll have to help improve the quality of life of more of the African people. The more people talk about this mission, the more I can serve humanity. "Further, I believe that I am protected by the one God that protects all of humanity."