Rap mogul Russell Simmons is a self-confessed party pooper - because he refuses to celebrate anything.
The Def Jam Records co-founder recently upset friends when he left a Barack Obama election night party just as guests were preparing to celebrate the U.S. President-elect's win - but Simmons admits he's too busy to whoop it up.
He tells Details magazine, "I am not a good celebrator... When Obama won I said, 'That's nice'.
"It was fun to watch the results. I kind of expected it, so maybe that's the reason. I don't celebrate.
"I was at a big event but I left. Everybody was going crazy."
And Simmons admits he never even celebrates his personal successes: "I've been reading my scripture too much and I really believe a lot of it... I sleep better when I do the work, not when I get some result or a pat on the back."