Rap mogul Russell Simmons has come under fire from the owners of hip-hop magazine THE SOURCE, after he pulled out of speaking at an event.

The publication's co-owners DAVE MAYS and Ray Benzino are upset Simmons pulled out of speaking at the magazine's JOIN THE SIPHA: HIP-HOP VOTER EDUCATION RALLY.

Mays and Benzino say in a statement: "Russell Simmons has been exploiting hip-hop for years. We invited and expected him to participate in the largest annual hip-hop weekend of the year (04), and he bailed from the event because he is afraid of the authenticity and influence of The Source magazine."

In a statement of his own, Simmons says: "I only want to promote positivity and dialogue within the hip-hop community. I have no ill will toward them and wish them well."

The rally, a part of THE SOURCE AWARDS weekend, took place on Saturday (09OCT04) at Florida's Miami Arena.

11/10/2004 02:56