Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons took renowned interviewer and TV host Martin Bashir to task during a U.S. news show on Tuesday (14Oct11) when the Brit suggested the Occupy Wall Street movement had an anti-Semite slant.
Simmons, who has been an outspoken supporter of the New York protesters, was a guest on Bashir's Msnbc show when the journalist who infamously interviewed Michael Jackson insisted on showing him a new video created by the Emergency Committee for Israel, which featured footage of activists lashing out at Jewish businessmen.
Shaken Simmons insisted he had not witnessed any anti-Semite protests during visits to the base of the month-long demonstration in Manhattan's Zuccotti Park, and he urged members of the media to be more responsible when reporting negatives about Occupy Wall Street.
The Def Jam Records co-founder said, "There will be infiltrators and there will be promotions of negative things... To say they're (protesters) anti-Semite or they're anti-anybody, it's really easy to find one or two or a few images and use them, but we all know... that it's a very sweet, politically astute, smart, compassionate and loving group.
"If some people don't like the fact that they're attacking Wall Street and they want to frame it poorly they can. You, as a responsible journalist, have to go down there for yourself and you have to assess it."
Bashir responded, "I have been down there and I did not see any of those signs."