Rap mogul Russell Simmons was so infuriated with jibes about his designer wife Kimora Lee Simmons' taste and spending habits, he fired off an angry letter to her critics.

The Def Jam co-founder put pen to paper to address American showbiz website PAGE SIX's recent items on Kimora's free-spending ways.

He writes, "As her husband, who obviously loves her, I cannot stand by silently as your column publishes unwarranted attacks on her character and lifestyle.

"I challenge you to ask any editor/stylist/creative director of any fashion magazine to critique her taste and I am certain that the ANNA WINTOURs, ANDRE LEON TALLEYs and GILLES BENSIMONs of the world will agree that her taste is far from 'tacky', as some of your columnists have accused her of being.

"Or you could simply ask the millions of young women who view her as a fashion icon and an entrepreneurial role model. My wife is a workaholic who has built her company, BABY PHAT, into a $70 million (GBP43.7 million) empire."

18/08/2003 09:14