LATEST: Rap mogul Russell Simmons has stepped in to support Eminem over the row about his racist rap lyrics.

The rap superstar was branded racist by the editor of American music magazine THE SOURCE, after he discovered a 10 year-old record in which Eminem attacks black women.

Source boss RAY 'BENZINO' SCOTT, a longtime Eminem enemy, played the controversial track at a press conference in New York last week (18NOV03).

On the track, Eminem raps about a bad experience he had with a black girlfriend and warns of the dangers of dating black women.

The rapper has since apologised for the tape, insisting it was "something I made out of anger, stupidity and frustration when I was a teenager".

Now Simmons, who heads up the black activist group THE HIP-HOP SUMMIT ACTION NETWORK, is keen to put an end to the controversy and urges fans to accept Eminem's apology - making a subtle dig at the hitmaker's poor background in the process.

He says, "These lyrics are disgusting, but the oneness of hip-hop culture has transformed many young people in trailer parks around the country away from their parents' old mindset of white supremacy.

"We believe Eminem's apology is sincere and forthright."

23/11/2003 21:39