Rap legend JOSPEH 'REVEREND RUN' SIMMONS has been made president of American fashion line PHAT FARM ATHLETICS, after heading up PHAT FARM FOOTWEAR.

The PHAT FARM division, which is owned by his brother rap mogul brother Russell Simmons, raked in more that $170 million (GBP106 million) in sales of athletic gear in nine months under the retired RUN-DMC star's guidance.

He says, "I go to the office everyday and I never thought that I was the office type. When I got there, Russell had a sneaker company that had about 10 sneakers out that weren't doing anything. When I arrived, Jesus put the sneakers on and the company is now worth a hundred million dollars in under nine months."

And a new sports shoe called RUN-TEK is expected to be introduced shortly. Run adds, "This is all really exciting when you think

about it. I always tell Russell Jesus got his sneakers on."

Simmons announced his retirement from Run-DMC after the October (02) murder of crew member Jam Master Jay.

05/10/2003 21:20