Music mogul Russell Simmons has hit back at Jewish leaders who branded him a "hypocrite" last month (FEB07), because he believes the only way to fight racism is to communicate. The Def Jam founder came under attack from America's Anti-Defamation League (ADL) after he leant his support to a speech by the Nation of Islam's LOUIS FARRAKHAN in Detroit, Michigan in February (07). But despite the criticism, Simmons - who regularly campaigns for the fight against anti-Semitism - remains adamant that he is just trying to ease relations between all races and religions, reports the New York Daily News. He says, "I'm just trying to get an open dialogue between all these people. The ADL has put up a long fight, and that fight has been so hurtful to both blacks and Jews. When you have that kind of fight between a leading Jewish organisation like the ADL and Minister Farrakhan, what it does is separate whole communities. "But it's not about blacks and Jews or about Muslims and Jews, it's about all ethnicities and the simple common notes that they can play. I just try to bring people together. I think that's my job." The Nation of Islam has been criticised by some anti-racism groups for encouraging segregation between black people and other races.