Russell Crowe's wife Danielle Spencer is convinced she is to be a mum again - because she falls pregnant whenever her singing career starts to take off.
The Australian wed the Gladiator star in 2003 and has twice had to put her music career on hold to give birth to their sons Charlie, six, and Tennyson, three.
Spencer released her second album, Calling All Magicians, in February (10) - and she is convinced the happy jinx will strike again and she will fall pregnant within weeks.
Spencer tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "I got married and then I fell pregnant immediately. Before the wedding, I had just finished promoting and touring my first album and fully intended to start working on my second album straight away but the timing was dictated to me... Then as Charlie got to the point where I felt I could relax a bit and have a bit of space for myself, I fell pregnant again!
"So I shelved the second album again until my second son was two, and that's when I thought OK, I feel like I can go off and work without the big guilt. It seemed inevitable that I'd fall pregnant again but it hasn't happened yet, so I'm OK for the moment!"