LATEST: Music executives at Sony have hit back at Russell Crowe, insisting they never led him to believe they would offer him a record deal. The Oscar-winning actor launched a scathing attack on the record company this week (beg24APR06), claiming they put him through a six-month "process" before passing on his band. Crowe was furious that he and his band The Ordinary Fear Of God, didn't even manage to get a meeting with the record label bosses. A Sony spokesperson insists there were meetings and that a rejection was purely a good business decision on behalf of the company. A Sony representative says, "There have been meetings with Russell Crowe, but in regards to the quality of our large roster, we didn't take up the opportunity." Crowe has been touring with his band in his native New Zealand and Australia in recent months, playing gigs ranging from clubs to the recent MTV Australian Video Music Awards. The actor told a Sydney radio station that he thought the band's performance at the MTV awards would seal the record deal with Sony. According to the GLADIATOR star, music executives told him, "All you've got to do is play that song at the MTV Awards tonight, and rock that, and you're home and hosed." Crowe claims a Sony representative became interested in the band last November (05), but the potential deal fell through just after the MTV Awards. Despite being told at a meeting he was all but assured of a contract he says, "Less than 24 hours after the meeting and a six-month process, '(They said) absolutely not, we would (never) think of releasing you, we have too many artists and we want to service those.'"