Moody movie star Russell Crowe refused to sit in a green room with one of Britain's top female soap stars - because he had no idea who she was.

The temperamental Australian, 39, made the snub during a recording of British talk show FRIDAY NIGHT WITH JONATHAN ROSS - which airs in the UK tonight (21NOV03) - to promote new movie Master And Commander: THE FAR SIDE OF The World.

During the programme, television and studio audiences can watch waiting guests sitting together in the green room - but Crowe was left so unimpressed by Eastenders actress JESSE WALLACE, he stormed out of the room and refused to join her and Master And Commander co-star Paul Bettany.

A source says, "The atmosphere was just awful. Russell didn't think he should have to sit with a soap star he doesn't know."

21/11/2003 13:59