Russell Crowe's children think Harrison Ford is a better actor.

The 'Robin Hood' star admits his children Charlie, six and Tennyson, three, find 'Indiana Jones' more interesting than his films and rate Harrison as an actor more.

He told Filmbeat: "They are deeply entranced in 'Indiana Jones' at the moment. They think Harrison Ford is a significantly better actor than their father and they really like to meet him.

"They are interested in 'Robin Hood' and when the bows and arrows come out they get pretty excited but at the moment their obsession is the work, life and times of Dr. Indiana Jones."

The Australian actor also claims he had a hard time getting his sons to sit through a screening of 'Robin Hood'.

He said: "I tried to get them to see Robin Hood on a day that they were terribly Jet lagged so we didn't get too far into it but one of these days we'll do it.

"That's the thing about this movie. It's shot in such a way that even though it's big and bold it doesn't have the blood splattering, heads being severed sort of aspects to it that Gladiator does."

Previously Russell said the children seemed bored while watching the Ridley Scott-directed epic.

He said: "I thought, I'll take them to this as the first one of my films they'll see.

"They were so excited, and they got to the screening room and were going crazy. Five minutes into the film, my oldest boy, Charlie, is like, 'Oh dad, can we go home now?' And my little one keeps calling out, 'Dad, when are you going to get a horse?' "