Russell Crowe hopes 'Les Miserables' will be released in India - because he wants to visit the country.

The actor has always wanted to take a trip to the Asian country and if the acclaimed musical movie gets a release there it will provide him with the perfect excuse.

Russell, 48, wrote on Twitter: ''Will #LesMis be released in India? On what date? ... Never been to India. Despite the odd press I get there, fictional ''e-mail interviews'' etc, it is a place that holds a great fascination for me. (sic)''

Russell, who appears as vindictive policeman Javert in the musical, took to the social networking site to show his excitement for future international appearances.

He added: ''Random thought ... I am looking forward to #Les Mis opening in Italy and France. Two countries with a deep love of cinema. (sic)''

'Les Miserables' has already enjoyed huge success, picking up several awards at the Golden Globes ceremony last night (13.01.13), and the 'Gladiator' star showed support for his fellow cast members.

He wrote: ''So Cool Golden Globe love for #LesMis Congrats @RealHughJackman and the amazing Anne Hathaway, 22.25km bike ride,now taking the kids for a pizza. (sic)''

The film won Best Motion Picture, whilst Hathaway and Jackman saw individual success in the Best Supporting Actress and Best Actor categories respectively.