The actor and the singer tied the knot in 2003 and share sons Charles Spencer and Tennyson Spencer together. They split four years ago partly because of the 52-year-old Academy Award winner's busy filming schedule, and Russell continues to suffer over being apart from his family.

“(My career is) one of the reasons I separated, really," he told Extra. "It's because my job requires constant travel. It’s still hard as a dad… part of the decision to work is a decision to not be with your kids.”

Russell co-parents his sons Charles, 12, and Tennyson, nine, with Danielle in his native country Australia, but much of his professional business is based thousands of miles away in Los Angeles.

And even though Russell continues to land coveted roles in huge Hollywood pictures, his kids are not impressed with their father's A-list status.

“My eldest has a thing where he simply says, 'Dad, never expect me to think you're cool… doesn’t matter what you do, you can’t be cool cause you're my dad'," he laughed.

Russell has a number of exciting projects on the go at the moment and he is currently promoting his dark comedy The Nice Guys, in which he teams up with new dad Ryan Gosling - a new best friend.

"We definitely have a connection," he said of the 35-year-old The Notebook star. "We sort of see the world from the same perspective. He just makes me laugh."