The couple separated in 2012 after nine years of marriage, but the Gladiator star reveals Spencer is always on his mind and he has no plans to file for divorce from the mother of his two sons.

During an appearance on U.S. show This Morning on Friday (24Apr15), he told co-host Charlie Rose, "I was so proud to wear that ring, Charlie. I don't feel balanced... And every now and then, I'll (touch) my (ring) finger, it's not there anymore."

He continues, "To this day everything I do is still connected to that (his marriage)... We haven't done the deal (divorced) yet. I'm a very persistent person, so you never know... I didn't get married to get divorced."

Crowe recently conceded his devotion to his beloved rugby league club, the South Sydney Rabbitohs, may have cost him his marriage, because he focused so much time on turning the Australian team into National Rugby League (NRL) champions, which they achieved last year (14).

He recently told U.S. programme CBS Sunday Morning, "(The rugby) ended up not being a bad business. No, it's not a bad business decision at all. But it's taken a lot of work, and it's probably cost me a marriage. That's what happened... It took a lot of work, man, you know? It took a lot of work, and I already had an extremely busy schedule."

Crowe, 51, met Spencer while co-starring in 1990 movie The Crossing. They wed in 2003 and are parents to Tennyson, eight, and Charles, 11.