Russell Crowe's directorial debut The Water Diviner has put off his youngest son from pursuing a career in the military.

The Gladiator star took his children Charles, 10 and Tennyson, eight, to see the World War Ii drama to show them the "senselessness of war" and the "depth of grief" suffered by those who are caught up in conflict.

Crowe revealed that Tennyson turned his back on his aspirations to become a soldier after watching the harrowing film, but he encouraged the boy not to let the movie affect him too much.

The actor tells, "Our little one was interested in the concept of going into the Army after high school, and then he saw the film and changed his mind. I'm still going to encourage him into going into the Army Cadets because it's a really wonderful adventure and it's great to get involved with that sort of stuff.

"There's no nudity, no swearing (in the film), I mean there's a couple of 'b**tards' and an 'a**hole'. It's a movie that's really a love story about grief. But there's no thematics in this film that I don't want to discuss with my kids. I want to impart to them the senselessness of war and the depth of grief and young boys dying in that situation and I don't see anything that isn't positive about having those conversations, and I've had a number of those conversations already."