The Oscar winner, who stars alongside the 35-year-old hunk in new movie The Nice Guys, was introduced to Ryan's infamous 'Hey Girl' memes on set, and admits the phenomenon, which features Gosling placed alongside inspirational and female empowering statements, made him feel ancient.

"He makes me feel so old sometimes, because he's explaining it to me and I'm like, 'Dude, I just don't know what you're talking about'," the 52-year-old told ET Online. "He explained it to me again and I'm like, 'Is this from a movie or something?' And he goes, 'That's the point...!' It took him days."

While he didn't understand it all at first, the Gladiator star now "highly recommends" his co-stars 'meme-festo'.

"I give it to everybody," he joked. "It should replace the Gideon Bible in most Motel 8s or Motel 6s, whatever they are now. Motel 14s if you put them together."

Russell and Ryan had a great time making the action-comedy together, and the Australian revealed to the outlet they intentionally tried to make each other mess scenes.

"I swear he must have sat at home and thought things up just to make me corpse on camera," he said. "He did do a 15-minute routine on German spank films at one point, which was dynamic and was genius."

While the men are busy on the promotional trail for the movie, neither has mentioned the fact Ryan has become a father for a second time in recent weeks, after his partner Eva Mendes gave birth in secret on 29 April (16).

The couple has named its little girl Amada Lee Gosling.