Russell Crowe couldn't fight with his 'Robin Hood' director because he's so "non-confrontational".

The actor - who stars as the titular outlaw in the forthcoming big screen epic - can be argumentative on set at times, but had a great relationship with director Ridley Scott because he was such a calming influence.

He said: "It's a Common misconception, but we never argue. He's non-confrontational! He wants the best f***ing idea and he wants it now. He said to me when we first met, 'If you tell me a good idea in post-production that you sat on, I will hate you forever. I want all your ideas while I can do something about it.' And he probably regretted doing that so often.

"At the end of the day, all Ridley wants to do is paint the canvas. If you give him all the bits and pieces and don't get between the paint and the canvas, you're going to be fine."

Although the 45-year-old star - who famously fell out with a television producer at the 2002 BAFTAs and was involved in an altercation with a New York concierge in 2005 - has a reputation as a "Hollywood hardman" he is adamant it is an undeserved title.

He added to Britain's GQ magazine: "People build this thing that isn't real. I am always described as a Hollywood mad man, it's just ridiculous. I know some hard men, and I am not a hard man. I'm a guy who likes poetry, who writes songs. I put make-up on for a living. Give me a break. If I was a hard man, I wouldn't be any good at my job. In reality, actors are not intimidating. Actors are naturally garrulous. All the great actors I know play instruments."