Russell Crowe has injured his feet running.

The exercise mad actor's intense daily workouts have taken their toll on his body and left him with injuries in both Achilles tendons and a bruised big toe.

After a gruelling 10 km run, the 'Les Miserables' star found himself needing Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections to fix the muscles in his feet.

He wrote on Twitter: ''Jolly old morning. PRP injections in both Achilles tendons & one big toe ... I am replicating tendon as I tweet...brand new soon, no w/o 2day.''

Russell's fans were quick to express their support, telling the actor to take it easy in future.

One follower joked: ''You're getting old. It happens.''

While another sympathised writing: ''Ouch. Sounds awful, hope you're good as new soon.''

Russell - who is estranged from his wife Danielle Spencer - regularly shares his daily workouts with his followers and is constantly trying to push himself harder.

Mere days beforehand, the 49-year-old star posted: ''4km walk. 20km stat bike (15 km/30min). 3 x[sh 11 ex/10 reps,kb 10 reps goblet/swing/oh,20m military crawl] ,3 x[10 reps x 60 kg ben/pec/row] (sic)''