Russell Crowe doesn't regret buying a rugby team.

The 51-year-old actor acquired South Sydney Rabbitohs in 2006 and is delighted with his purchase, even though it has taken a toll on his family life.

Russell - who split from his wife Danielle Spencer in 2012 - told America's CBS show 'Sunday Morning': ''It ended up not being a bad business. No, it's not a bad business decision at all. But it's taken a lot of work and probably cost me my marriage.''

''It took a lot of work, man, you know? It took a lot of work and I already had an extremely busy schedule.''

Russell confessed his ex-wife - with whom he has sons Charles, 11, and Tennyson, eight - couldn't understand why he'd commit so much of himself to a rugby team.

He said: ''My job was making films and my wife clearly understands what my job is. But, to her I suppose the football situation was needlessly taking me away.''

However, the 'Gladiator' star insisted he doesn't regret taking over the team.

He said: ''For me, taking over South Sydney and inspiring a new generation of South Sydney kids is about community independence.

''It's also come with a massive increase in the value of what the club is, so that's all good too.''