The Gladiator star appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday (07Apr16), which also happened to be his 52nd birthday.

After the U.S. late night host reminded him it was his special day, Russell revealed his dislike of birthday celebrations saying, "The thing is with birthdays is that I've never really been a big celebrator of birthdays, other people's birthdays fine but not my own.

"Until I was about 47 I was fine with my age and then when I turned 48 I was like 'man that's such a lumpy a** number' and I'm 52 now so thanks for bringing it up a**hole."

However the funnyman then attempted to lighten the mood of his guest, who was born in New Zealand but moved to Australia as a child, by providing him with a traditional Australian birthday treat called fairy bread.

Russell was initially unimpressed, as he described the dish as, "like the cheapest possible birthday treat you can think of. You get some white bread, and you butter it and then you get what we (Australians) call 'hundreds and thousands' and what you (Americans) call 'sprinkles' and you pour it over the bread."

The actor couldn't help but laugh though when Jimmy's house band The Roots and veteran hip hop troupe The Sugarhill Gang serenaded him with the song Happy Birthday.

"Guarantee you I'm the first one of my friends to have The Sugarhill Gang sing Happy Birthday," Russell said before teaching his host how to eat the fairy bread.

The pair seemed to enjoy the sweet snack, which Russell insisted Jimmy ate by taking the largest bite he could while chomping vigorously on the bread.