Russell Crowe is being bothered by birds.

The 'Les Miserables' actor has been struggling to go about his normal business at home because of the noise made by a huge group of cockatoos outside his window.

He revealed on Twitter: ''I have about 300 sulphur crested Cockatoo outside my window having an afternoon chat ... absolute cacophony.''

Russell's noisy experience with the feathery creatures is in stark contrast to a peaceful animal encounter he had earlier this week when he went for a late-night walk.

He tweeted on Tuesday (16.04.13): ''In the bush with the monkeys, middle of the night, got up to check them ... so quiet here, deepest black outside , no stars tonight (sic)''

Russell isn't the only star to have had his life disrupted by birds recently as Bette Midler recently spied two of the winged creatures having sex on her window sill.

She told her Twitter followers: ''Spring is in the air. I know because the birds are having sex on my window sill.''

Meanwhile, Sienna Miller complained of experiencing a ''horrible'' bird attack during filming for 'The Girl'.

The British beauty plays actress Tippi Hedren in the drama, which explores behind the scenes of Sir Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 film 'The Birds', and in order to get into character, Sienna had the creatures thrown at her - an experience she describes as ''not very nice''.

She said: ''I did go through a bird attack - but for two hours, which pales in comparison to what [Tippi] was subjected to.

''But it was pretty horrible - we enacted the whole thing. There were people throwing seagulls and pigeons in my face, and, while I'm not terrified of birds, I don't exactly adore them.

''There's something about that flapping in the face, the claws and beaks and things, which isn't ... very nice.''