Movie hunk Russell Crowe has played down his 'bad boy' reputation - claiming he was "born to be a husband".

The GLADIATOR star has gained a reputation for bad behaviour after a number of drunken and sometimes violent public incidents - but the New Zealand-born actor claims he has been misrepresented by the press.

He argues, "This bad boy image has never been true. When you work in the film business, you quickly get pigeon-holed and people expect you behave in a certain way. I hate that.

"Okay, I had my crazy moments, but I never was, and I'm still not, the wild guy people think."

Crowe, meanwhile, loves his new married status, following his wedding to Australian singer and actress Danielle Spencer in April (03).

He says, "Getting married was the best thing I've ever done. I feel I was born to be a husband. And I'll never forget a single wedding anniversary because it's on the same day as my birthday!"

And the OSCAR winner hopes to add to his family following the birth of his first child next January (04).

He says, "I don't think he'll remain an only child. We'll wait and see."

23/10/2003 21:09